Bethlehem Steel's Foray Into Research
as evidenced by the
1963 ASM Medal for the Advancement of Research
Introduction by George Langford:  When I started my professional career in 1966, I was first employed at the Edgar C. Bain Laboratory for Fundamental Research at the United States Steel Corporation's Research Center in Monroeville, Pennsylvania.  This was a prestigous position, but it didn't last.  In October, 1971, a great many of us were summoned to our supervisors' offices to receive notice of our impending layoffs.  We then attended the American Society for Metals meeting in Cleveland, Ohio, where all was surrounded by gloom & doom as a result of the ill timed notifications.  Most of us quickly found new positions, and life went on.  Later, there were more layoffs, and to make a long story short, the number of staff members at US Steel's Research Center has now shrunk by at least a factor of ten.  The story at Bethlehem Steel's research site in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, parallels that of US Steel's, perhaps with slightly different timing, but the process went to completion.  This summer at the Leesport, Pennsylvania, flea market, I picked up the following document from a vendor who was also hawking a number of official-looking photographs of ships under construction at a former Bethlehem Steel shipyard, which suggests that what I am showing below is a historical document, because Mr. Homer was once in charge of shipbuilding at Bethlehem Steel.  Arthur Bartlett Homer, a distant relative of Winslow Homer and best known as the highest paid executive in America in 1958, died in 1972.  The gold medal (which of course was not part of this lot) was for his part in setting up what became known as the Homer Research Laboratory of Bethlehem Steel.  The document features hand calligraphy on a parchment base.
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1963 ASM Medal for the Advancement of Research - thumbnail
Medal for the
Advancement of Research

awarded by
American Society for Metals
to Arthur B[artlett] Homer

    in recognition of his consistent sponsorship, foresight and influence in
    financing and prosecuting metallurgical research, which have helped
    substantially to advance the arts and sciences relating to metals.
In testimony whereof and at the di-  
    rection of the Board of Trustees we have hereunto placed our signatures
    and set the seal of the Society this twenty-third day of October, 1963.

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 Corporate                                    R. J. Roudebaugh, President
         Seal,                                        Stewart G. Fletcher, Secretary
        ASM                                        Allan Ray Putnam, Managing
A[merican] S[ociety]
[for] M[etals]

During his long and brilliant career,  Mr. Arthur B. Homer, Chairman            
          of the Board, Bethlehem Steel Corporation, has demonstrated a profound interest in researchies and realized its importance to industry.
          Mr. Homer's activities on behalf of his company, began in 1919 and shortly thereafter he designed one of the earliest gas turbines, a
          project that led him into the metallurgy of high temperature steels. From that time and under his enlightened and far-seeing management
          he made available the necessary financial funds and gave his personal encouragement to the advancement of research at his company.
         This support has been continuous through adverse as well as prosperous years.
         This awareness of the value of and the need for technological advancement in the highly competitive and rapidly moving world of today
         and tomorrow, made it natural that he should during his presidency of the company, envisage the advantages of centralizing all research
         in one place and under one head. After several years of planning, the first phase of a central research complex, which honors his name,
         was completed in 1961. The facilities are the fruit of his ideas, his hopes, and his plans.
     Under his guidance a new research department was organized
     which combined the functions of scientific and market research
     for he was convinced that the study of markets and the needs of
     customers are closely related. It is his conviction the function of
     the research department is to search for better materials and
     processes, to improve existing products, to better serve the
     customer needs and to originate new products as well as help
     develop and market them. More than forty years of sage council
     and vigorous leadership has left a record of accomplishment few
     can match. For his constant endeavors on behalf of research the
     Board of Trustees of the American Society for Metals has awarded
     its 1963 Medal for the Advancement of Research to Arthur B.
     Homer, Chairman, Bethlehem Steel Corporation.