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McKenna Process Company - opening page

Stock certificates - McKenna Process Company
      American McKenna Process Company Agreements for Certificates No's 01 to 09
      American McKenna Process Company Stock Certificates
McKenna Process Company Stock Certificate No. 10
      McKenna Process Company Trustees Stock Certifificate
      McKenna Steel Working Company Stock Certificate

Rail patents
McKenna Patent Announcement
      Edward W. McKenna Rail Patents
US Patent No. 522,228                                                     
                  US Patent No. 635,577

      George Langford Rail Patents - master list (updated and expanded 9/3/2005)
US Patent No. 1,212,364 - comparison to re-rolling practice
              US Patent No. 1,314,877 - comparison to a McKenna machine                                 
                 US Patent No. 1,890,687                                          
                 US Patent No. 2,034,046                                          

History of the McKenna Company
      The Metallurgy of Steel
      English Mckenna Process Company 1904-05
      Voyage on the RMS BALTIC from Liverpool back to New York August 9-17, 1905
      The McKenna Company
      Employees 1916-1918
      Splice Bar Reforming Procedure - 1929
      Splice Bar Sections
      The McKenna Company's Rise & Fall, by George Langford, Jr.

Present-day state of the Joliet neighborhood
      Curtiss J-1 Biplane overflight 1917
      Bates Machine Company Building April, 2005
      McKenna Yard April, 2005

George Langford, Sr.'s activities
Autobiographical Outline
      Fifty Years Ago
Sitting Bull Recollections
Yale Rowing ... Yale's participation against the Leander Boat Club in the Henley Regatta, 1896
      How Mr. Langford was hurt
      Adult Portraits I                                             
      Adult Portraits II
Nathaniel Pitt Langford - 1832-1910
      Minooka Mastodons 1919
Bas Relief Sculptures
      Earwitness to the St. Valentines Day massacre
      Anthropology 1924-1930
Visit to Denver, Colorado - 1932
      Historic Sites in Illinois
      George & Sydney Langford - Life Partnership
His Biography, by George Langford, Jr.

The McKenna Processes and Mill - Picture Book
      1. Rail rerolling plant viewed from the southeast
 2. Continuation (right side) of the preceding picture

Composite of Images 1 & 2

 3. Unloading old rails with locomotive crane and magnet
 4. Rail unloading and storage yard viewed from the east
 5. Grading old rails for rerolling
 6. Grading old rails for rerolling, continued
 7. West end of Rolling Mill showing furnace chimneys and waste heat boiler
 8. Charging rails into the furnace
      9.Drawing Rail from Furnace     
10.Hot Rail Entering Rolls
     11.Hot Rail Receiving First Pass
     12.LeadingRolls [being turned up in a lathe]
     13.Hot Sawing
     14.Hot Rails Undergoing Controlled Cooling
     15.Cold Rails Ready for Straightening & Drilling
     16.Cold Straightening with Press & Gag
     17.Cold Straightening with Press & Hammer Face
     18.Drilling New Bolt Holes
     19.Inspecting Rerolled Rails
     20.Inspected Rails & Roller Conveyor
     21.Loading Yard from the West
     22.Closeup - Worn Splice Bars
  23. & ff - Splice Bar Re-Forming

The Railway Age article (March 1900 - reprinted March 2000)
View of the West End of the Rolling Mill
      Men Working (detail of first image)