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3. Archie England's Bell Systems Brace.
Brace beforehand
Brace threads - 32 per inch
Threading setup - change gears
Setting up the gauge slug Threaded gauge slug
Archie's brace was missing the ratchet cover, etc.
Fine threads ! 32 per inch ...
The change-gear setup.
Aligning slug in the four-jaw chuck.
An old ratchet cover fits OK.
Above, second from right: I used the four-jaw chuck (stiffer than a three-jaw) because the slug was too large to fit my Jacobs Rubber-Flex collet chuck.
Internal threading setup
Gauge slug fits the inernal threads
An old brace body fits the new cover threads Finished brace
The blind hole required me to thread to the stop.
After many test trials, the gauge finally fits !
So does an old ratchet body ... whew.
Final cover with chased knurling.
Not shown: I parted the budding ratchet cover from the second slug with a cut-off tool ... very carefully.  Far right: I cut circumferential grooves to complement the chased lengthwise grooves.
The new ratchet cover is Type 303 stainless steel, whose color isn't far from the chrome-plated Stanley brace's, and it won't rust.  The gauge slug also facilitated facing off the ratchet cover.