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Yankee Braces -  A Type Study of Sorts
by George Langford
February 17, 2007

Group A - Braces made early, before the 2nd pair of patents issued.

The chucks have no markings whatsoever, because their two patent applications had not yet been approved by the US Patent Office.  The patents applying to the ratchet mechanism and general arrangement of the brace are marked on the lower knurled closure, adjacent to the chuck, along with the statement, "other pat's pending."  Therefore, both braces were made between November 25, 1925 (when the second patent application was filed) and July 31, 1928 (when the fourth patent was issued.)  The pads of these Yankee 2100-10-IN braces are fitted with ball bearings that are installed differently from later models, and the composition pads are fitted onto full width metal plates which were eliminated from later North Bros. models.

Both braces are fully & smoothly functional.

The upper brace, designated B&D-A1, is in good condition and is priced at SOLD.

The lower brace, designated B&D-A2, has about half its nickel plating remaining, but the exposed steel surfaces are smooth.  It is priced at SOLD.

Yankee braces made early with just two patents cited

Head of upper brace

Pad of upper brace

Head of bottom brace

Pad of lower brace