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Yankee Braces -  A Type Study of Sorts
by George Langford
February 17, 2007 - Updated September 28, 2008

Group C - Eight braces made after the fourth patent was issued - all in the ten inch size.

These braces were all made in the period after the last of the four patents was granted.  The patent dates of the first two patents are stamped into the knurled closure ring near the chuck, and the numbers of the chuck's two patens are marked on the rim at the front of the chuck shell.  The upper two braces on this page were made for the Bell System.

All four braces are fully and smoothly functional, with no operational apologies needed.  I've added a fifth brace at the bottom of this list; it is designated B&D-C5. and is priced at SOLD because it is in better condition than the first brace immediately below. 

Below this are two additional braces, B&D-C6 (SOLD); and B&D-C7 (SOLD).

Another brace in this series is on a separate list: B&D-37 now SOLD.
The topmost brace at left, designated B&D-C1, has some pitting on the chuck shell but is otherwise in top condition, so it is priced at SOLD.

The left center brace, designated B&D-C2,  carries 95% of its nickel plating and only minor dings & scratches, so it is priced at SOLD.

The right center brace, designated B&D-C3,  carries 75% of its nickel plating and only minor dings & scratches, so it is priced at SOLD.

The bottom brace, designated B&D-C4,  carries half of its nickel plating but is otherwise unscathed, so it is priced at SOLD.

Yankee braces with four patents cited

 Heads shown with minimal hammering.

"Yankee" appears in varying degrees.

Head - top brace

Pad of top brace

Head of left center brace

Pad of left center brace

Head of right center brace

Pad of right center brace

Head of bottom brace

Pad of bottom brace

The brace below is in the best condition of any in this group, with 98% of its nickel plating and no hammer marks on the ratchet mechanism's cap. It is designated B&D-C5 and is priced at SOLD.

North Bros. No. 2101-10 IN brace with four patents cited

Head of brace at left

Pad of brace at left

The two additional braces below have the least remaining plating of this group. 
They are designated B&D-C6 (upper -
SOLD) and B&D-C7 (lower - SOLD).
They are both fully functional and smooth-operating.  Both are ex-Bell System.
B&D-C6 is in good shape but has lost three-quarters of its nickel plating.  B&D-C7 has essentially no plating & some pitting on the bow ... and its wrist slides !
C6 has never been hammered;
C7 has suffered a few hammer blows, with NOS jaws & spring courtesy of the legendary Lori.
Both pads are worn but nearly unblemished; they rotate freely.
B&d-C6 over B&D-C7 Yankee braces w. four patent dates
Head & chuck of B&D-C6
Head & chuck of B&D-C7

Pad of B&D-C6
Pad of B&D-C7